Data-centric Design

Your data will likely outlive your current computer system.


We like standards since they increase the portability of your data. (See above.)

Best Tools for the Job

We are committed to using or recommending the best tool – be it an editor, XSLT processor, XSL formatter, other application, or programming language, and be it open source or commercial – to complete the task.

This is often described as being “vendor neutral”, but these days many fine pieces of software don’t come with a vendor attached.

So we remain impartial, we do not enter into exclusive arrangements with any software or hardware vendor, and nor do we solicit or receive any incentive – financial or otherwise – for recommending any vendor’s products.


And when the best tool for the job is the one you’ve already bought and paid for, we’ll do our best to adapt our training and programming to make the best use of the tools you are using.

Open Source

We write open source software, we offer reduced rates for work that is open sourced, and we use open source software.