In recent projects, we have helped companies and organisations in the USA, Ireland, England, and France with their XSLT, XSL, and XML, including:

  • Writing Schematron for a professional body
  • Augmenting a XSLT-based automated schema documentation system that produces both HTML and PDF
  • Extending FOP for a software company
  • Training in XML, oXygen, DocBook, XSLT 2.0, and XSL-FO
  • Formatting JATS to PDF for a scientific journal
  • Writing XSLT stylesheets to convert non-XML into XML then into EPUB
  • Writing XSLT to convert Excel into XML for a commercial bank

Mentea presents a unique range of skills extending beyond XML and XSL-FO/XSLT into Unicode, SGML, DSSSL, and programming in C, Java, Perl, Lisp, and other languages.

We understand how markup works. Our staff has worked with markup in Japan, USA, UK, and Ireland as user, consultant, and developer, with data in English, French, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, with academic, automotive, publishing, software, and telecommunications applications, and in the Web Services and document processing arenas.

We are also interested in applying the tools for ensuring software quality – unit testing, code coverage, profiling, and other tools – to XML and XSLT/XSL-FO processing.